TCCIA Commerce support helps in creating commercial opportunities, trade facilitation and Investments. We help you trade and expand your business.


      The business community is always in search of reliable business information. The chamber is the one-stop Center for all such needs since all relevant information can be obtained at the Chamber. The world is a global village today and several barriers have been broken down through modern technology and communication systems. The Chamber plays a major role in searching and obtaining opportunities from all over the world for its members and the business community.TCCIA receives inquiries from local and foreign bodies via physical meetings, telephone, mail, e-mail and so on. These inquiries include information about the Tanzania investment and trading opportunities such as products markets and investment partners.


      The Chamber lobbies the various levels of government to promote and protect the interests of business. It plays a major role in promoting the development of Tanzania private sector.TCCIA use various platform in undertaking the advocacy role for the private sector in the country. Such platforms include Regional and District Business Councils (RBC and DBC) and National Business Council, Task-Force and Special Business Environment Reforms Committee at different Ministries and Departments.The Chamber also carries on customized advocacy to its members to handle matters facing the businesses such as Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs).


      Exporting products out of a country is an essential function of many businesses. However, exporting goods can be confusing, as there are many regulations to follow and various documents to fill out. An important document that must be included in each export shipment is the certificate of origin.Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is the sole institution in Tanzania vested by the United Republic of Tanzania  with full mandate to verify the origin of all goods manufactured/processed in the Country for the export market  issuing the Certificates of Origin.


      The Chamber offers a platform for networking between businesses to business and businesses to Government units and vice versa by leveraging the huge membership base of over 30000 of its members and non-members across the country. The Chamber also attracts partners interested in organizing and assisting them in such meetings coordination in and out of the country.


      The Chamber organizes trade Missions to foreign countries for the purpose of connecting or facilitating access to markets and business linkage to the Tanzania Business Community. The Chamber also organizes and participates in local exhibitions for the purpose of local trade facilitation, promotion, market linkages and business networking.

Tanzania industrialization agenda   is the crucial initiative towards achievement of Tanzania vision 2025 of becoming a high middle income country, industrial economy is eyed to add value agricultural commodities, provide employment opportunities, import substitution products and technology transfer. TCCIA activities compliment the effort by undertaking different roles which includes;

  1. Capacity building of the compliance with the rules of origin  for export of manufactured goods
  2. Representation of private sector in National industrial policy and programs formulation and review for the sector development
  3. Evidence-based lobbying and advocacy work on key policy issues that have impact on the  manufacturing operations
  4. Promotions of Tanzania manufactured products through different business platforms.
  5. Industrial products verification for compliance with the rules origin which give an opportunity for Tanzania products to trade within EAC and SADC with free duty.
  6. Technology commercialization through mentorship and coaching.

TCCIA  recognizes  and acknowledges the agriculture sector as the main economic activity in Tanzania which employs more than 60% of Tanzanian population and it contributes more than 25% annual GDP and  generates more than 20% of Tanzanian foreign currency . As a member based organization, TCCIA represents stakeholders in the agricultural value chain through its core activities and services. Partnership with different development organizations lays the platforms to improve small holder’s farmers from subsistence farming to Agribusinesses by inducement of production and market linkages which includes;

  1. Evidence-based lobbying and advocacy work on key policy issues that have impact on the agriculture sector.
  2. Representation of the private sector in National Agricultural policy and programs formulation and review for the sector improvement.
  3. Capacity building on commercial farming to support improvement in agricultural value chains.
  4. Facilitating export of agricultural commodities  to different international markets
  5. Agricultural market search Local and international market linkages to agribusinesses
  6. Promotion of agricultural products internationally through different platforms i.e.  trade fairs & exhibitions
  7. Disseminations of demand driven information (i.e. agricultural related content)

  1. We offer International Trade facilitation through issuance of certificate of Origin
  2. Chamber also hold regular trade-focused seminars, open to both members and non-members, giving exporters access to a wealth of information and advice, and meet fellow exporters and other businesses considering a move into international trade

  3. Participation in different sector policies and guidelines
  4. Overseas Market Intelligence, we help exporters find the key markets for their business by considering markets for their ease of access and the level of demand for their products. Once a market has been targeted, Chambers provide market-specific intelligence, including customs requirements and in-market contacts, to ensure that the company’s efforts are directed towards the right targets.

  5. Handling Non Tariff Barriers (NTB) reporting and monitoring system
  6. Our online directory of current members help consumers to find local businesses in their areas. Also, membership in this organization offers great networking opportunities, which can help grow your business.

  7. Assist members to comply with laws and regulations through technical support and guidance.
  8. Coordination of regional and district business councils through formulation of meeting agenda from the private sector.