TCCIA Membership

TCCIA membership consists of five (5) categories of members;

  1. Corporate Membership: A membership which is open to multinational companies or any local companies (all institutions, commercial industrial, or mining firms, partnerships, co-operative societies, private companies with limited liability, public companies and statutory bodies conducting business in Tanzania) with a national coverage or a network of branches.

  1. Ordinary Membership: A membership is open to individuals or businesses which operate formal registered business ranging from Micro, Small and medium enterprises.  An Ordinary member joins membership at regional, district or sub-branches. 

  1. Affiliated Membership: A membership that is open to all associations with objective of serving the SMEs and private sector at large. 

  1. Honorary Members. The membership is open to senior individuals, governmental, private and multinational entities who have contributed a recommendable support to Chamber to make achievements.  

  1. Special Category Membership: The membership comprise Youth and Women Members. These are members due to their level of their activities in terms of capital and registration status do not qualify to join TCCIA Membership in the other categories. Youth members entails individuals at age of 18-35 years old.

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