Tanzania industrialization agenda   is the crucial initiative towards achievement of Tanzania vision 2025 of becoming a high middle income country, industrial economy is eyed to add value agricultural commodities, provide employment opportunities, import substitution products and technology transfer. TCCIA activities compliment the effort by undertaking different roles which includes;

  1. Capacity building of the compliance with the rules of origin  for export of manufactured goods 

  2. Representation of private sector in National industrial policy and programs formulation and review for the sector development  

  1. Evidence-based lobbying and advocacy work on key policy issues that have impact on the  manufacturing operations 

  2. Promotions of Tanzania manufactured products through different   business platforms. 

  3. Industrial products verification for compliance with the rules origin which give an opportunity for Tanzania products to trade within EAC and SADC with free duty. 

  4. Technology commercialization through mentorship and coaching