Business Support

  1. We offer International Trade facilitation through issuance of certificate of Origin

  2. Chamber also hold regular trade-focused seminars, open to both members and non-members, giving exporters access to a wealth of information and advice, and meet fellow exporters and other businesses considering a move into international trade

  3. Participation in different sector policies and guidelines

  4. Overseas Market Intelligence, we help exporters find the key markets for their business by considering markets for their ease of access and the level of demand for their products. Once a market has been targeted, Chambers provide market-specific intelligence, including customs requirements and in-market contacts, to ensure that the company’s efforts are directed towards the right targets.
  5. Handling Non Tariff Barriers (NTB) reporting and monitoring system

  6. Our online directory of current members help consumers to find local businesses in their areas. Also, membership in this organization offers great networking opportunities, which can help grow your business.

  7. Assist members to comply with laws and regulations through technical support and guidance

  8. Coordination of regional and district business councils through formulation of meeting agenda from the private sector