Joining the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) will provide you with instant access to one of the largest business networks available of more than 30,000 members. We are the strongest, most active business advocacy organization in the country, with a professional staff who are top policy experts, lobbyists, business administrators, lawyers, economists, engineers and communicators.

We are dedicated to our members’ growth and prosperity, we can help grow your business, connect you to leaders and legislators, extend your business market horizon and provide valuable savings on benefits and services. We support the vitality of all businesses within our community.  Beyond collectively working to help everyone thrive, mostly TCCIA looks at your unique business in an effort to help your business uniquely thrive. 

Explore the following membership opportunities and discover several advantages of belonging to our influential organization.

TCCIA will provide you with instant access to one of the largest business networks available. Joining the Chamber is a great way to meet new people, including other local business owners. If you take time to use networking opportunities to leverage your business growth and overall success, you are sure to see it help your sales. Meeting one new person could result in ten new referrals to your business, so make networking part of your sales strategy. Here’s the catch – don’t be insincere about only networking for this reason. Make friends, build relationships, brainstorm community ideas, seek advice, give advice and in return, sales will come to you.

Customer Growth

Any business owner will tell you that making and increasing sales is one of their top goals. Through Tanzania Chamber of Commerce membership, you can do just that. A like-minded customer at one store could be your next new customer at your store… yet he or she may never know about you unless the store owner tells them. In addition, customers learn about businesses from literature that Chamber puts out throughout our events and activities. Often a walking guide tells them where to shop, where to eat and what to do. This is a great reason alone to be a part of your Chamber!

Business Ideas

Bringing your own dream to life is a wonderful accomplishment. But every now and then, there are dead-ends in your dreams that need a little help from others to open up new roads to travel on. This help can come from friends, other store owners, business expos, consultants, blogs and more. Much of this will be provided to you through your Chamber (TCCIA) – even if it’s just a reference from one Chamber member to another.

At the end of the day, owning your business can be exhausting. No matter how much you love what you do, working retail hours can wear anyone out. The Chamber gets that. Let us hear your voice, let us know your thoughts and let us be there for you. Together, we can help make your business and your community thrive.


Tanzania Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-profit, autonomous organization whose membership is voluntary. It is a company limited by guarantee without share capital. The Chamber however, maintains strong links with Government and works very closely with private sector organizations.

Requirements to be a member of Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture:

Having a business premises and an address 

A company registered by Registrar of Companies [Brela Registration]

Valid Tax payer to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TIN or VAT)  [ TRA Registration ]