TCCIA  recognizes  and acknowledges the agriculture sector as the main economic activity in Tanzania which employs more than 60% of Tanzanian population and it contributes more than 25% annual GDP and  generates more than 20% of Tanzanian foreign currency .

As a member based organization, TCCIA represents stakeholders in the agricultural value chain through its core activities and services. Partnership with different development organizations lays the platforms to improve small holder’s farmers from subsistence farming to Agribusinesses by inducement of production and market linkages which includes;

  1. Evidence-based lobbying and advocacy work on key policy issues that have impact on the agriculture sector.

  2. Representation of the private sector in National Agricultural policy and programs formulation and review for the sector improvement.  

  3. Capacity building on commercial farming to support improvement in agricultural value chains.

  4. Facilitating export of agricultural commodities  to different international markets 

  5. Agricultural market search Local and international market linkages to agribusinesses

  6. Promotion of agricultural products internationally through different platforms i.e.  trade fairs & exhibitions   

Disseminations of demand driven information (i.e. agricultural related content)